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Preparing Your Will In The Right Way

The mention of “getting a will” makes many people uncomfortable. This is likely for two reasons. One, most people do not like to think about end-of-life decisions. Two, to many people, the idea of a will sounds like a complicated and long process. However, neither of these reasons is good enough for not obtaining a valid will for yourself. A will not only states how you want your assets to be passed on to heirs in the event of your passing but it also provides peace of mind. This peace of mind is not just for you but to share with surviving loved ones who will not have to be burdened with making such difficult decisions without you.

Lawyer Providing Close Attention To Detail

If you live in the Central Texas area and are interested in having a will prepared on your behalf, reach out to the law office of Lee Norton Bain, Attorney at Law. As a skilled and dedicated Georgetown wills attorney, I have more than three decades of legal experience. My practice allows me to provide compassionate and personalized estate planning services to my clients. Each and every one of my clients will work with me, not some newly licensed attorney handed your case like some big firms may do. At my law office, you will get the customized estate planning counsel that you deserve.

To discuss your will or to learn more about my estate planning services, I invite you to please contact me at my law office today.

What Wills Can Contain

A will is a legal document that when properly drafted and executed, designates how a decedent’s estate is to be divided among beneficiaries. Wills can also state who is to be the guardian of your children in the event of your passing. This is the simplest version of a will. There are other types of estate planning documents such as living wills, advance health care directives, powers of attorney, trusts, irrevocable trusts, revocable trusts and much more.

I can start by helping you with preparing a standard will. Once we discuss your initial wishes, we can then go over the best estate planning tools that can assist with that. If you already have a will, I can help you revise that will or go over the will to make sure it looks valid.

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Take your future into your own hands and start preparing your will today. Contact my office today to discuss your Texas will and estate planning questions. I offer a free 30-minute consultation without obligation. You can reach me by phone at 512-686-4293 or 800-806-0754, or reach me via e-mail.