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Discovering How Bankruptcy And Divorce Can Intertwine

Divorce leads to bankruptcy for many people. When a couple is together, there is usually enough money to support one household. Once they are apart, however, there is often not enough money to support two.

Lawyer Who Will Help You Resolve Divorce Debt

If you are divorced and having a hard time making ends meet, or if you are considering divorce and have concerns about how you will fare financially on your own, you would be wise to talk to a Georgetown bankruptcy attorney. At the offices of Lee Norton Bain, Attorney at Law, I represent clients throughout central Texas in a variety of consumer bankruptcy matters.

When Bankruptcy Can Be Used To Resolve Divorce Debt

If you need to file for bankruptcy and have already been through a divorce, you should be aware of what bankruptcy can and cannot do for you. If you have been assigned to pay a joint debt such as credit cards, an auto loan or mortgage as part of a divorce decree or have been ordered to pay support of any kind, these obligations may not be dischargeable in a bankruptcy.

I will take the time to completely review your case and help you understand what debts you are able to discharge. If you have not proceeded with the divorce yet, there may be some debts that can be discharged in a bankruptcy. I can explain your options and make sure you have all of the information you need to make the right decision to fit your needs.

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